Friday, April 11, 2008

Extra Innings Game Sets Tone For the Year.

Thursday nights game between the Phils and the Mets proved to be a long drawn out battle between the two top contenders for the NL East that ended in favor the of the Mets 4-3 in the 12th.

After another strong outting by Adam Eaton, going 6 innings with 3 ER and 5 Ks, the Phils managed to tie the game in the eigth with the help of Pedro Feliz hitting his first homerun in the seventh and then tieing it in the eighth with an RBI out.

The Phils bullpen pitched strong into the 12th, but with the offense unable to put any additonal runs on the board, despite having 1st and 2nd with no outs in the 12th, they began to run short on pitchers. Tom Gordon took the mound in the 12th in which Jose Reyes bombed a double off the Centerfield wall and was brought home by a ground ball hit to Jason Werth in center and was called safe on a close play at the plate.

A tough loss for the Phils after taking the opener to the series and letting it slip away. But if anything this game was a close insight to what fans should expect for the remainder of the year from these two teams.

They will now look towards the series with the Cubs for their first series win and once again try to climb back up to a .500 record.

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