Monday, April 7, 2008

Phils vs. Reds, 4/7

To close out the 4 game series with the Reds, the fighting Phils send Cole Hamels to the mound in hopes of grasping his first win of the season. With the bullpen taking the load of the first week of the season, it was imperative that Hamels goes deep and gives some of the other pitchers a rest. Monday's game started with a bang as J'Roll blasted a homer to start the game and give the Phils shot in the arm, and three more long balls would be all the Phils needed to tie the series with the Reds as they head to Shea. Hamels had a strong outing lasting 7 innings striking out 4, giving him his first win of the season, and Brad Lidge had a Mitch Williamsesqe save in which he loaded the bases with the help of an error from Tso Taguchi, and allowed a run. All in all a solid outing from the Phils and a good start to the week as they head into a tough next six games with three against the Mets and then home for the Cubs.


Jeffrey said...
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Jeffrey said...

editor's note: as of monday, the phillies are in third place at 3-4.

i thought you said you were a fan? and by the way, your opinion means nothing to me in regards to the phillies. you can't even toss out favorably-gendered chromosomes to your wife. if this were china, you would have been castrated by now. plus, i think charlie manuel would agree to fight you and probably win (although you would be able to get sympathy with the media if you give your classic "there's not cartlidge in my knee speech." that always convinces people).